Busnel is proud to still have the production of the wool garments in the same factory as the one Madame and Monsieur Busnel started in 1920. It's a small factory that is located in the beautiful countryside of Bretagne, at the west coast of France. Today, 103 years later Busnel uniquely still use the same wool supplier since the start. 

Comprising a team of 30 skilled French craftsmen and craftswomen at the Busnel factory, they meticulously handcraft every detail of each garment. Many of our dedicated team members have proudly contributed over two decades of their expertise to our factory. Our garments are crafted with unparalleled precision, using the finest quality of wool, and most importantly, a genuine touch of love. This ensures that each piece is designed to endure a lifetime of wear.


Busnel use two kinds of wool materials; wool from Austria and extra fine merino wool from Italy. The wool from Austria is exactly the same since the start in 1920, as the founders Madame and Monsieur Busnel carefully selected. They wanted the highest quality of wool for their products. Thanks to the good quality, Busnel supplied the French army with coats during the second world war and also sweaters to the Fishermans in Bretagne.


Busnel emphasizes the key philosophy to create two collections per year, with timeless fashion. Considering both style and quality that will attain a long-lasting value that can be worn for generations. Garments made of carefully selected fabrics, and in the importance of social responsibility they are produced under the right circumstances.

Opposed to fast fashion and mass production manufactured by the largest fashion retailers, Busnel instead advocates both timeless and handmade garments of the highest quality that will last a lifetime. Therefore, as a company Busnel believes in corporate responsibility, and hence expect suppliers and partners to strive for the same standards as we want to achieve.