Code of conduct
Busnel requires that all suppliers have a code of conduct based on international conventions such as the ILO conventions, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN conventions on the rights of the child, and other relevant internationally recognized agreements. In addition, all suppliers must have an implementation and control system to ensure that the requirements of the code of conduct are complied with.

The system for implementation and control of the code of conduct in the supply chain takes place via planned and unplanned own visits on site, before and during ongoing production process. The production is located in France, Portugal, Turkey and China.

Busnel has banned all use of sandblasting and none of the products may be sandblasted.

Down / Feather
Busnel distances itself from down and feathers taken from live birds. Busnel demands that suppliers can guarantee that down and feathers in products in the production comes from birds that mainly have been raised for the food industry, have been raised in an ethical way, have never been picked alive and have not been subjected to force-feeding.

Busnel does not accept the muelsing surgery performed without anesthesia to prevent fly infestation on the merino sheep. Busnel demand that the suppliers can guarantee that the merino wool is muelsing-free.

The leather comes from animals that have been raised for the food industry and not for their skin. Busnel demands that suppliers can guarantee that the leather is a by-product from the food industry.

Busnel does not sell fur from animals that are only bred for the sake of their fur. Busnel demand that the suppliers can guarantee that the fur in products we produce is a by- product from the food industry.

Angora wool
Busnel distances itself from the treatment that rabbits are subjected to in connection with picking the angora wool. Busnel has decided not to buy any products that contains angora wool for the time being.

Chemical requirements
Busnel only sells products that do not contain toxic chemicals and hazardous substances for humans or the environment and we comply with the European chemicals legislation REACH.

Durable materials
Busnel strive to increase the proportion of sustainable materials in the products. The following materials in our range are classified as sustainable materials: organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester and lyocell.

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