In France 1920, Busnel was created and established by Monsieur and Madame Busnel. Initially by first building their own factory at the west coast of France, possessing their wish to create a lifestyle brand with the highest quality of wool. The fisherman’s sweater became an important trademark and representation for the brand. Busnel also supplied the French army with knitted products, during the second world war between 1939-1945. 

Thereafter, Anita Falkenberg brought Busnel to Scandinavia. 1970 she established the agency for the brand located in Stockholm, and consequently Scandinavia became the leading market between the decades of 1970-2000. When Anita first introduced Busnel in Sweden, the knitted Victoria Jacket with golden anchor buttons became a significant symbol for the breakthrough of the modern woman during the 70's. Busnel’s heritage is essential, as the focus still lays on high quality, luxury fabrics and clean silhouettes for the chic and sophisticated woman. With intention to combine the authentic French heritage with fashion characteristics of new thinking and responsibility for production standards.

In 2009 Anita Falkenberg’s daughter Louise Falkenberg bought Busnel, aiming to carefully rejuvenate the brand. The following years, Busnel has continued to grow and the main focus is still slow fashion and high quality wool that will last a lifetime. Also, Busnel develop and add new qualities and styles every season to complete the collections. Today 2020, Busnel is a well-known brand in Scandinavia, with a growing position on the European market. Uniquely, with a production of the knitted wool styles in the same factory with the same wool supplier that was established 1920 by Monsieur and Madame Busnel at the west coast of France.