A Century of a French Fashion heritage
- Celebrating the World of Busnel 

In celebration of our 100th anniversary, we’re proud to present a jubilee publication, charting our incredible heritage through fashion and imagery dating from 1920 to the present moment. This book features highlights of the past century that have made Busnel one of the most prestigious fashion brands in Scandinavia. 

“Madame and Monsieur Busnel wanted to create a lifestyle brand of unrivalled quality, inspired by life along the French Atlantic coast. I’m committed to safeguarding and maintaining our French origins, production line and quality for the future,” says owner and creative director Louise Falkenberg.

In many aspects, we’re the same brand today as when Madame and Monsieur Busnel founded the company. Following in their footsteps, Busnel has continued to work as a traditional fashion house. The clothes are still produced in the very same factory in a small Breton town, which the founders started in 1920. The studio has around thirty employees machine-sewing the knitted garments and doing the detailed work by hand. The wool supplier is also still the same. Heading into the next century, the fruitful exchange of creativity and experience continues between the artisans in Brittany and the design studio in Stockholm, headed by Louise Falkenberg.

“It’s exciting to work with a brand that has such a captivating DNA. It is one of Sweden’s oldest and most storied fashion labels. When you browse the 1970s and the 1980s in the archive, and juxtapose elements of the recent collections with the older ones, you capture the essence. The aesthetics is instantly recognisable,” says stylist Robert Rydberg.

For interview with owner Louise Falkenberg or more information, contact:

Fredrika Persson - Email: fredrika@busnel.com
Busnel Showroom, Banérgatan 5, 114 56 Stockholm