This season Busnel is offering both significant updated classics and unexpected new styles. The materials are wool bouclé, silk, velvet, merino wool, twisted wool, lambskin and down. The range of colors is black, almost black, off white and taupe, with the accent colors ocean blue, burgundy and pearl.

- It is always a challenge, but also exciting to be able to present a new collection. Our creative consultant Robert Rydberg and I have created a collection which obviously reflects Busnel's French heritage, but we have also looked westwards. Inspiration has been derived from the American east coast's relaxed but nevertheless stylish elegance. Bouvier, Long Island and Lasata are some of our themes. The French feminine in combination with the leisured American life style are a perfect combination for the strong, independent woman we are targeting, explains Louise Falkenberg designer and owner of Busnel.

The East Side theme includes a coat, short jacket, vest, scarf and hat in wool bouclé. Long Island includes a dress, shirt, trousers and scarf in polyester. Also a velvet blazer, top and wide trousers. Theme Bouvier is oversized garments in the finest merino wool. Beale includes jacket and sweater in the combination of leather and merino wool, but also a leather skirt with gold fasteners and leather trousers. Porter presents a short down jacket and a long coat both with knitted sleeves in merino wool.